Hey Look, I’m a Pregnant Chicken Contributor!

If you didn’t catch my blog over at Pregnant Chicken, now’s your chance to check it out!

Read it? Good. Now I can continue.

The first unwritten rule of writing is not to read the comments. The second is not to respond when you surely break the first rule. Well, I’m going to take a moment today to throw all rules out the window, because there was one comment on Facebook that really stuck with me, and I think that I need to clarify a few things about myself, my writing, and this blog.

Jeez. Talk about the most depressing spin on having a new baby. Yes it’s hard, exhausting, and hormone fueled, but there is a brighter side. Cheer up.

Ok. Here’s the thing. Many women have a baby and feel like they are riding magical unicorns and the sky is raining rose petals. That their kid is the light of the universe; they instantaneously feel that unbridled joy, undying love.

This came from Pinterest, therefore the source is impossible to find. Much like the idea of pure, undying happiness post baby.

This came from Pinterest, therefore the source is impossible for me to find. Much like the idea of happiness was post baby. It’s not helpful to say “cheer up,” it won’t help me find something that isn’t there.

Many women do NOT feel this way. I am one of them. There was a fierce mama-bear feeling of protectiveness, sure, but to be honest, I didn’t feel that kind of love until my daughter was nearly four months old. Those early sleep deprived months, I searched the internet looking for help and found that I was a freak, that I should have instantly fallen head over heels in love with her and that by default because of this, I was somehow, already a bad mother, because I couldn’t find that elusive “brighter side.” THIS IS NOT TRUE.

My blog is for helping people find that brighter side. My blog is for the women who DO feel like having a new baby can be depressing. My blog is here to tell you – to show you – that you are enough, just as you are. You do not have to feel happy, you do not have to feel rainbows of love. That as long as you do your best, get help when you need it, and generally just hang in there, you are doing great. Better than great, you are raising a human, and that’s pretty damn impressive.

And hopefully, my blog will bring you some laughs along the way.

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